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Water Damage Zone & Restoration IncMold Removal? Mold Remediation? Mold Cleanup? What is the different? Mold is a universal problem due to its ubiquitous nature. If not treated and removed properly it may cause drastic health issues.  Respiratory problems and allergies are common hazards caused by them. Myotoxins producing molds may be a serious risk to both animals and human. People suffering from asthmatic attacks should try to remain as far as possible from them. Since they reproduce by spores they usually find good breeding grounds on damp surfaces. A water damage place caused due to leaky roofs and plumbing issues provide the perfect environment for the growth of mold. Other than these dry walls, plywood and carpet padding are a good food source for them. If there is a single unpleasant incident of water damage in a place the molds breed in them. They remain dormant and when there is an increase in the humidity they suddenly become active. Nutrients, time and moisture are three basic and important factors for mold to multiply.

Mold removal not only include exclusion of the mold physically but also elimination of the fungal and the contaminated growth.  Simply using biocide will not be enough because even dead mold can be a threat, because the harmful proteins and chemical could remain inside. Therefore the best way is to remove the mold is physically.

Before going for any kind of remediation and cleanup mold assessment is extremely necessary. Tests can be conducted with sample obtained from surface and air. After the assessment one could go for mold remediation and mold clean up.  The first stage should be to stop the moisture and then take precautionary measures to remove the mold. All water leakage should be stopped and repaired. Good ventilation and sunlight is direct threat to them. Dry fog is a new and modern technology used for remediation. In this case the infected room is filled with EPA approved dry fog and in the process it kills and stops the growth.  Many of these techniques would only make the mold non viable. The only effective remedy is to use an anti fungal agent detergent solution and then after the application it should be removed physically. During cleanup the aged mold affected areas should be properly evaluated. Proper costumes should be worn during this process. Goggles are must as the mold should not make a direct contact with the eye.

Dry ice and soda blasting are good methods to remove mold from cement and woods. Wet vacuum cleaner could also be used as they are useful to remove water from different surfaces.  The mold can be removed from non porous surface with the help of a damp wire. Detergent and water is used in this case. After using a damp wire the surface could be further cleaned with a fungicide cleaner.  HEPA vacuum is used to clean the air and remove the spores. They are used in the final stage.  After the whole remediation and cleanup process the garbage should be disposed with proper care.

(877) 520 1923There are different companies who are specialized in mold removing. Most of them give online advertisement. Water Damage Zone & Restoration, Inc is a good company who are specialized in this regard. We provide good service and are available at reasonable rates. It is always better to go for an expert and a reputed company for the service because mold cleanup is an extended process and the assessment should be carried out properly.

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