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Mold Removal Burbank can provide you with quality service using advanced mold remediation technologies for residential, or commercial properties. Our group of highly trained specialists will develop the correct mold remediation plan based on our comprehensive mold assessment process. Let the professionals at Mold Removal Burbank handle all of your mold removal needs, with our over 20 years of experience and work in the industry. Our track record in customer service satisfaction over the years is a true testament to our success as top mold remediation specialists in the business of mold removal. Find out today how Mold Removal Burbank can be your one stop shop for all your mold remediation, removal and clean up needs.

Mold Removal Burbank: Setting the Bar for Mold Remediation

Residential homes and business that reside in areas of high humidity with inferior construction design or materials, or buildings that that have experienced prolonged water damage, will be susceptible to mold growth. It is commonly assumed that residential houses suffer only from mold contamination, but mold is much more widespread, and can be found in any building or structure. It is very important when investing or renovating in a house or business, that all water systems are completely water sealed, and checked for faulty design or leakage. Mold Removal Burbank’s group of licensed specialists and technicians will utilize top of the line mold remediation technologies that are environmentally safe for use, and which will not have any negative impact on your health, or that of your family or employees.

Feel free to contact the trained professionals at Mold Removal Burbank to schedule a free inspection of your home or business, and to get a quick and easy quote today! Take the right steps towards resolving your mold problems completely, by choosing an experienced and reputable team of professionals who will get the job done quickly, affordably and effectively!

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Mold Removal Guarantee

  • Mold Testing of Surfaces and Air.
  • Leak Detection and Moisture testing.
  • Mold mitgation and remediation.
  • Infrared thermography (thermal Imaging).
  • Professional, licensed and bonded technicians.

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